Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new phone (smartphone) pretty quickly and I'm stuck between the Dash and the Curve. They both have advantages and disadvantages, although the Dash will probably be significantly cheaper. I could also purchase the Dash now, whereas I'd have to wait till the end of September, however, as impatient as I am, I can wait if I think the Curve is the better option.

The things that are really important to me are:
--Good keyboard, I text a ton, and I want to be able to type documents
--Be able to view and EDIT documents (I believe you can do this with MS Smartphone 6), worse comes to worst, I'll buy docs to go.
--Very good multimedia (want to be able to store music on microSD, be able to listen to music well and watch movies clearly/without lag)
--Overall interface/home screen/OS
--Datebook/tasks/etc. other palm-like apps
--Email/IM (which should be good cause both has wi-fi which is huge)
--Overall Performance

Thanks for the help!

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