Hmm if you are looking into this topic you should've known how marvellous the phone is and how it can do almost all functions a phone could i've seen the mobileplanet site, it says a group buy of 5 or more could have a discount. So what i did was just ring them and asked.

For a group of 5 the amazing phone cost only 725, i believe there are discount too if you want the phone with say the 1gb memory card or the value pack...but first thing we have to do is get the group going, and i will call again to see how many people we have and what are the further discount we could get.. about 10% off for a group of 5 is pretty amazing to me.. So if you are interseted, send me an email

My email is [email protected], i know i am a new member here, but i only want good value thing, so trust me on this

HTC TyTN II + 1GB microSD Card (Unlocked, QWERTY, GPS), #TYTNII_1GB_US - MobilePlanet

here is the link of the item with the 1gb micro SD card from kingston, i am looking forward to hear from some of you guys wanting this amazing phone

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