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    This may sound a little weird and may not be possible. I am looking for a way to connect my cell phone to my computer as an input, then I would like to connect my home phone to the computer as an output. I have a cordless home phone system that has one primary base that controls 3 phones. I want to be able receive the calls to my cell phone and have them ring on the cordless phones. Is there any way to do this or does anybody have any suggestions.


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    Re: Turn cell phone into Home phone

    Why don't you use bt headset? That's cool and easy too

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    Re: Turn cell phone into Home phone

    The best way is to buy a cellular adapter or Telular (combination of telephone and cellular) and ask or buy a second sim with the same number from your provider.

    the Telular allow you to connect a simple phone to it and on the other side you insert your sim card and all calls to the sim card will ring the phone.
    he also have a data connection that you can connect to a commuter and then you can send SMS from your computer.

    there is a lot of company that manufacture these kind of devices but i found that these is the best one.

    IPGear, i can not post link so you will have to find it your self it end with .NET
    then go to the GSM/Wireless picture

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