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    Re: Cheap Rarely Used Phone

    Quote Originally Posted by divas.chitkara View Post
    Have you heard about john's phone ? The world's simplest phone...it is just a phone, you can only make calls, you cannot save contacts, send messages, nothing except making a call, just like a wireless telephone...

    Read more about john's phone : mobilezworld.com/john's phone-the world's simplest phone
    I've heard about this too

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    Re: Cheap Rarely Used Phone

    A prepaid cell phone is the most ideal choice for someone who uses his phone for emergency purposes only. I can say that the Just5 cell phone will make a smart choice as the phone’s features are very practical. It isn’t only simple but it is also equipped with an emergency response system, which is very reliable in times of crisis. More so, Just5 provider offers affordable cell phones and calling plans. The calling plans that this provider offers can actually allow someone to make the most of his money.
    Simple and affordable cell phones and calling plans—Just5 Simple Features Phone
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