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    I have been trying to get out of my contract without paying a penalty for a couple reasons, the service sucks, I dont get voice mails and the phone doesnt work in most of the basement.

    So I discovered that Nextel doesnt have a copy of my contract and neither do I, I have been emailing them for some time and it has come down to that I have asked that my service be terminated without penalty because they cannot produce a contract. I belive that I signed up for one year and they say I signed up for two but do not have a contract to proove this. Their only answer is that I bought the i850 on 8/18/06 and at the price I bought it that means I have a two year agreement.

    So they are saying that I have to pay a early temination fee, but I dont understand what I am terminating if there is no contract... If anyone has any advice of who to speak with or someone that can help me out on this, I really dont think that I signed up for a 2 year contract, at that time it was said you get the phone for free if yo usign up for 2 years, well I still paid for it.

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me!

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    Re: Cell provider doesnt have my contract!

    That's really really weird that they 'don't have it'. I would try and get someone higher up on the phone and try discussing it with them.

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    Re: Cell provider doesnt have my contract!

    You can tell what your contract was suppose to be by the price you paid for the phone.

    1. If the service sucks you get 14 days buyers remourse to see if you have good enough signal to warrant keeping it for 2 years.

    2. Voicemail is a free feature and since you don't pay for it. That is not a reason to get out of a contract.

    3. Phones aren't suppose to work in basements. (period)

    4. You are going to have to pay to cancel your service (ETF) because none of the reasons you give are going to convince anyone at Sprint or Nextel.

    Sorry, just telling you how they will see it.

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