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    I have been looking at a lot of cell phones now, and I talk a lot on the cell for business, friends, family and my cell phone does not stay charged long at all maybe about 2-3 hours then i have to charge and it gets annoying so does anyone know a good cell phone(nice looking) and has a good time for battery life at least 5+ that they would recommend because i seen some that i like but don't know if anyone would recommend them. oh and im looking for [email protected] cell phones or phones that will work with that service provider

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    Re: help on decisions

    Business+AT&T= Samsung Blackjack.

    GREATT Phone. My friend has the phone. includes,,,

    Full Keyboard,
    Windows Mobile 6,
    SMS & MMS,
    Windows Media Player,
    And More.
    Blackjack is Great For Business.

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