The following in a excerpt on some research I did a couple years ago.

Soon after cell phones started to hit the main stream market there was concern over whether the waves they emitted were harmful to your heath. Reports started to pop up about cell phones causing brain tumors near where the cell phone would be if using the phone. Cell phones emit a low level form of microwaves to send and receive signals. Microwaves are commonly used to cook food. The theory is that using your cell phone a lot will cause the tissue around your ear to heat up, and eventually cause a tumor to grow. People have reported these tumors in the exact spot where the cell phone antenna would be sitting.

However, cell phones emit a very, very low level of microwave energy, too low to cause any damage, experts claim. The type of energy emitted is non-ionizing, meaning it does not cause damage to chemical bonds or DNA. It is also argued that if so many people are using cell phones, that if there were a problem, we would know about it by now. (EHSO)

In an article published by Fox News on March 21st, 2005 Cell Phones May Pose Health Risks for Kids, Henry Lai, a bioengineering professor at the University of Washington, says, “Researchers have speculated for more than 10 years that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones may damage DNA and cause benign brain tumor… We don't know very much about the health effects of cell phone use on kids, but there are speculations.” Lai goes on to say that when you use a cell phone, 70 to 80 percent of the energy emitted from the antenna is absorbed by the head. He says he is more concerned with children because their skulls are thinner and the brain is not yet fully developed. He also says that a brain tumor takes thirty to forty years to develop and that children who started using a cell phone from their teen years onward would have a longer period of time to see a cumulative impact. "We don't know if kids are really more susceptible," Lai said, but he encourages everyone to use a headset to keep the antenna away from the brain, "even if they're not cool."

It is obvious that no one really knows whether cell phones are a health risk. The article continues to explain how research is no longer conducted in the United States, except for research by some cell phone companies. Research is still conducted in Europe. A Swedish study published in October 2004 suggests that people who use a cell phone for at least ten years may increase their risk of developing a rare benign brain tumor along a nerve on the side of the head where the phone would be held. The study's subjects had been using cell phones for at least ten years. Almost all the subjects were using analog models that emit more electromagnetic radiation than the digital models now on the market.

By 2006, all analog phones are phased out and replaced with digital phones. A major difference between the two is the amount of power they use and how they use it. Digital phones emit radiation in pulses. The older analog phones emit continuous waves. Since cell phones exploded in popularity in the late 1990s, more phones began to be released that were all digital technology (Fox News).

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