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    Hey guys. First post here. I'm sure you guys get quite a few of these every month. I did a quick browse through the forums (2 pages in, heh) and I didn't really find any that pertained to what *I'm* looking for.

    I'm with ATT and Im extending my contract so I can afford a spiffy phone (and so the entire family, well 3 of us, can get a new phone as well).

    Now, I'm not sure what I'll like in a new phone, but I do have a few things I think Ill want:
    Want mid range phone that I will spend <$50 with new contract
    Want to be able to play MP3s, etc for ring tones (not a player)
    Kind of want FM Tuner
    Camera probably won't be used often but its a nice thing to have "just in case".
    Have no interest in email, web browsing (except for grabbing tones if need be), or IM.

    I still want a phone that looks good and has a nice crisp screen. Caller ID on the front panel is a really really really nice plus. Almost necessary.

    Now, lemme tell you what I hated/liked about the 2 phones I've owned prior.

    I owned a Nokia, it was nice albeit a bit flimsy. It couldnt do real music, but it could to polyphonic or whatever. Decent enough... at least I could get some oldschool gaming tunes on there, haha.

    The menu made sense and was easily navigable. I could easily switch into silent, vibrate, etc. Couldnt adjust the vibrate and it was very weak, but I could still toggle it all. Could also take decent photos.

    The buttons were good and all, and I loved how I could route the navigation buttons. Think it was like 5 of em that I could map to whatever I wanted. So useful.

    Now I am using a Samsung SGH-x4497. It's absoluitely attrocious. Its *kinda* thin, though not by today's standards. It also has a dang antenna that's annoying. Not as annoying as my nokia, but I hate exposed antennas.

    The menu... ugh. Let me just say that I spend literally minutes trying to navigate my way through it. I dont even know how to freaking turn it on vibrate. No idea. I tried to figure out the phone ID for you guys, but I couldnt find it in the phone. Eventually had to find the manual. It's just so attrocious. I have to assume Samsung-anythigns are the same so I want to avoid these I think.

    For the buttons... they are the same as the nokia except the dang navigation buttons cannot be mapped. They are all preset to crap I dont even use. I don't use IM, I dont use the web (except for receiving tones like I did for my nokia), and I don't use email.

    Thanks so much for anyone that reads through this. Should give you an idea of what Im looking for.

    Sorry for the long post, haha.

    Edit: Currently, Im looking at the Nokia 6555 and 6126, and the Sony Ericsson w300i. I'd also look at the Sammy A517, but there arent any reviews out for it.

    I love the 6126 menu interface (got a good look on a youtube vid by phonescoop) but the battery life scares me. Only being able to pull 2 days right out of the factory is kinda bad. What will it be like a year from now? My cell batteries ALWAYS fade...

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