Inexpensive internet calls seem to be entering expensive cell phone plans from major companies. The problem is, the value of calling through the internet is lost when the $50+ payment still comes every month.

I and my family generally stick around open wi-fi connections, so a regular VoIP phone saves a load of money. With that said, exiting a hot-spot means we have no connectivity and cannot make or receive calls. What we're looking for is something to take over in those small areas where we cannot connect.

The cheapest way to go seems to be a go-phone, where as long as we stay under a half hour a month or so in calls, it's still pretty cheap. What I cannot seem to figure out is how to have both a go-phone and a VoIP phone in the same package. Carrying around two phones would work, but isn't too practical.

I absolutely hate asking for help on a forum such as this, so I come here with great humility.

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