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    I am looking to buy a new phone.

    My first thought was that I wanted the Nokia N95, but I am considering a smartphone. Could you guys give me some advise regarding the factors that are important to me (listed below).

    Could you help me compare the N95 with one or more smartphones on the market? I haven't tried any smartphones..

    These are the things I look for:

    ∑ Must be able to play videos therefore these facors are big issues to me:
    - Formats (.avi (divx, xvid) and .mpg is a huge plus so I won't have to convert the files) Can N95 play these formats? Can smartphones?
    - Batterytime
    - Relatively big screen (I like the size of the Nokia N95 - Which smartphone(s) matches it?)

    ∑ Development
    - I'd like to be able to develop my own software (I write in .NET) to the phone (I guess a smartphone running Windows Mobile would be the choice here?)

    ∑ Handy
    - The N95 has a good size - big screen and fits in a pocket - not too heavy - not too thick (does anyone know of a smartphone that matches this?)

    As far as I know Windows Mobile is in 6.0 currently - correct? Because if I am going to buy a smartphone I want the newest platform..

    Looking forth to any information and advise

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    Re: Nokia N95 or smartphone?

    try to look to this one.
    Nokia E90 - Full phone specifications

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