I don't have a perfectly good overview of all the new cellphones these day, but my old 3510i is in need of a replacement

I'm planning of using my new cellphone together with a laptop to be able to surf the internet wireless. I don't know exactly how the connection works, but i had it pictured something like using the cell phone as a wireless network interface card via USB or something (i guess that means i'm looking for a 3G phone). That would be quite efficient. But i don't know if that's how the stuff works ourdays.

I will, though, be needing a feature that allows me to receive e mails (via POP or IMAP) in real-time. Or a message (in real time) that tells me that i've got mails waiting to be downloaded.

I do not need a camera or a playback option for digital audio media like mp3, for that i have a camera and a digital audio player. This is excluded to keep the price as low as possible.

Battery time is important too, the longer, the better. A charge option via USB would be a nice feature.


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