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    I'm new here...
    Anyway, I need a new phone, but I really can't decide. Mainly I need a phone that is loud and clear with good reception. I need one with really good sound quality (I have a slight hearing loss). Also, a flip form is perferred. This is all I need; I don't need all the fancy features, but I also don't want the phone to be that old. Oh, and my carrier is AT&T, so that means the phone would have to be GSM right?

    BTW I've looked at AT&T's site, and the Motorola V365 seems to be pretty good according to CNet but I have no idea.


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    Re: Need help picking a loud, good sound quality phone

    You might be interested in a Sony Ericsson W300i. Whilst it's features aren't the best released, it is a Walkman phone, so loud sound and quality music is there. All new SE phones have a loudspeaker options (most phones in general do too), meaning the volume can be cranked up high if necessary. It's nothing fancy, but it has a basic camera, music player, video and bluetooth. It is also flip form. As for call reception, I hear it is good in general, but remember the network also determines this. More info can be found here.

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