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    Iím looking for four prepaid cell phones (one for each car) for emergency use only. I will use them only if I break down on the road. I expect to use them no more than once every couple of years to make a 10 minute call to get a tow truck or other help. The coverage area that I need is the Southeast United States. I would like to purchase a small number of minutes for each phone and put it in the car but not activate or use the phone until it is needed so the minutes donít expire. I need a phone that can be activated from the cell phone itself within a half-hour and doesnít require a landline to active it. I am willing to pay a very high cost for each minute. The difficulty Iím having is finding a prepaid phone that can be activated from the cell phone itself. What would be the best service to get this capability?

    The Gold T-Mobile Plan sounds interesting however it would cost me $400 to get started since I want to put a phone in each car. I don't think it can be activated from the cell phone.


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    Re: Low Cost Emergency Prepaid Phone

    Do you have any spare phones that are no longer being used with a service provider. If so I would consider the Welcome

    They should work with any cdma/tdma/amps phones. Tdma is done, but any cdma is worth a try. Basically, any phone from Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, etc. Just try to make a call with it. If you get the ARN message then you can either make a credit card call, or buy in advance outgoing-only minutes from their website.

    120 minutes for $30.00 ( $0.25 per minute )
    60 minutes for $20.00 ( $0.33 per minute )
    10 minutes for $10.00 ( $1.00 per minute )

    All minutes are good for 2 years. Keep the old cellphone and car charger in the car. $40 for 10 minutes each and 2 years of emergency service for 4 lines.

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