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    I'm i need of a phone that will let me surf the INTERnet. I'm gonna use it as modem for UMTS 3G (you know, the 384/128 connection) to my laptop. If it supported HDMA 7mb/384kb, that would be great too.

    I'm trading forex over internet, i'm using a program that receives data from a server (broker server) and then paints a nice graph for me. I also execute my trades via internet. Probably i don't have to say that connection stability is the number one priority here.

    I'm thinking, since my laptop is equipped with a nice bluetooth feature, to let the phone connect to the computer using BT instead of inpractical USB cable (alltough sometimes i will use USB aswell). So, the phone must be equipped with both bluetooth and a USB mini port (device port). It must also be able to "surf" the 3G net, and sending and receiving bluetooth (or USB) at the same time. To be able to talk when surfing would be good too.

    MP3 playback is not necessary, nor is a camera. I will need to be able to receive mails directly in the phone though, i hope that wouldn't be a problem. I live in Sweden, here we have four different operators to chose between that runs 3G. The operator with the best cover offers me these phones for free if i sign up to their subscription (so i have to chose between these)

    Sony Ericsson K770i
    Sony Ericsson K530i
    Sony Ericsson W660i
    Nokia 6120
    Huaweri U120

    If you have a real kick-*** model that is not listed here, please provide feedback about it too, since it's possible to use a different phone (alltough i will not get it for free). The best is still to choose between these 5 models.


    See More: Which of the following models have best connectivity with 3G UMTS (largest antenna?)
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