I will be starting from absolute scratch (no phone, no service provider). My needs are for best possible connectivity (without going to a sat phone) in rural areas of the west, including British Columbia. Cost is totally secondary to connectivity, but I would rather not pay for features I don't need and I need only the basic phone capability. (Black and white screen is fine.) I will be using the phone infrequently, and would prefer a prepaid service. I have used Tracfone in the past with good short-range results in this area.

What should be my major considerations in selecting a phone to best meet my needs, i.e.,type of signal and bands employed, or other factors related to getting best connectivity. Also, what should I look for in selecting a service provider that will give me the widest coverage in the Northwest? And what should I consider in selecting a booster?

Any suggestions you can offer regarding a specific phone, service provider, and booster would be very welcome. Thanks to any who may respond!

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