Hey everyone,

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This might be a dumb question but just curious. I've always used Rogers so I can switch my phone any time. I recently switched to Solo Mobile as they had a really amazing rate plan that was almost half the price of what I paid at Rogers but for more. I'm just curious though, I'd really like a PDA phone like MotoQ which they do offer, but for $299 :S Worst part is I just did a 2 year contract to get a crappy Nokia free, where I could have got Q for $149 if it was out when I signed up.

Either way, I'm just curious, is it possible to unlock general CDMA phones, or even phones for Bell Mobility, since Solo runs on Bell, but unlock them so I can use it on Solo? Just curious if it's difficult or what not, because on ebay, the MotoQ is a lot cheaper than what solo offers it for, and Bell also offers the HTC Touch which I really like, especially since Solo's data plans are low. Just curious if this can be done, or if its more work than good, as I'd only buy a phone off ebay if I knew that I could accomplish this. Thanks!

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