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    Although this will be my 1st cell, I do know what I want,except I'm not sure if it,s "doable". I want: unlocked,3/4 band,no camera, no"bell & whistles", no contract, "pay as you go" Nokia or Motorola( V series?).I'll use the phone for calls to Europe and,occasionally/emergency, in the US.
    Now 1) how do I activate the phone(SIM or plan,yes?;is a "plan" a "contract"?)
    2)with the infrequent use of the phone which is more economical,SIM or plan?
    3)what are your recommendations as far as an INDEPENDENT dealers are concern(I live in Long Beach,CA and there are none;San Diego suppose to be blessed with them,true?)
    4)are there any, cell phone stores type "one stop shop",i.e. buy,service,SIM, accessories?
    Thank you to those of you who will respond to all these.

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    Re: First cell phone

    Ellen, thank you very much for such a sonic speed with the reply.
    Down the line your info is going to be v.valuable.
    Thank you again

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