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    I have a RAZR right now. It was my first cell phone. The main thing I like about it is its small size, making it easy to fit in my pocket. However, it's painfully lacking in features like web browsing, so I now am looking for a more advanced phone. In fact, I want to go as CUTTING EDGE as possible. Problem is, I don't know much about cell phones or technologies. So while I educate myself, maybe you guys can throw out some suggestions. Here are my requirements:

    1) Must run Windows Mobile.
    2) Cutting edge - I want web browsing, email, maybe even GPS...the whole works.
    3) As thin and small as possible, I need to be able to stick this sucker in the front pocket of my jeans without a huge bulge (*snicker*).
    4) I live in the USA, and am currently on T-Mobile though I have no problem changing providers. I travel internationally a few times per year, so I'd like the phone to work on international data networks.

    Cost is really no object as long as it's not over $1000.


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    Re: Help choosing a new phone (I want cutting edge)

    that's a tough order...WinMo with GPS + Small and Thin?

    The closest thing you may find is Samsung Blackjack II, although it lacks WiFi.

    If you want the works, the closest thing I know is the HTC Touch and the Tytn II (8925) but they are pretty big.

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