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    So anyway, i'm getting sick of my razr. It's got most of the stuff I need except battery life. The damn thing dies out after an hour or so.

    All I do is just text and call. My carrier is T Mobile, and i'm not quite sure if that limits my phone selections too much. I don't really need any other features other than a possible qwerty keyboard and decent quality camera, so I'm trying to hunt for a new phone that may be able to fulfill this. Size isn't an issue, and I don't even have internet on my plan. I already have a Zune I can lug around, so i don't need mp3 playback capability other than individual custom ringtones. I'm fairly sure all phones have this at this point, but then again i'm not that updated on phones nowadays.

    I'm big on looks though. I tend to flip my razr around randomly and gander at its sexy body. It'd be a necessity for the thing to look stylish.

    I'm asking for help on this because I don't have the slightest idea what phones within a $200 price range would allow me to hug my communications device out of glee.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: new phone needed

    The answer could be Nokia 6300 or 6131 and if you don't really have very good camera you can choose Sony Ericsson W300i. Good luck in buying perfect phones

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    Re: new phone needed

    ahh, sorry pal, but Tmobile is shipwrecked when it comes to phones.

    You do have a few options.

    1. Blackberry Pearl- Semi-Qwerty Keyboard, Very Small, Quite Stylish

    2. The Sidekick Slide- Full Qwerty Keyboard, Not the best looking, but functional

    If i was you, i would switch services.
    But since you didnt mention it, i guess you cant.
    But hey, go with the pearl, they are nice.

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