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    I am looking for an unlocked phone that will accept sim cards. I am looking for something very basic but still has a slim profile. I don't care if it has a non-color LCD, no camera, no high quality ring tone, or any of those extra features that I won't ever use.. I need one that would cost at most $30 shipped... the lower the better.

    Basically, these will be the features that I will need:

    - Support for T-Mobile Sim Card
    - Date/Time
    - Slim
    - Decent Reception
    - Long Battery Life
    - New Voice Mail / Missed Call notification
    - Phone Book
    - Alarm Clock (preferably one that still alerts you even if the phone is turned off w/ battery in it)

    Extras that I wouldn't mind:
    - Calendar w/ Memo

    Can anyone think of a phone that would fit my needs?

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