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    This is the result of Cellphone of the year 2007 from Mobile phones|Phone collection|Phone articles

    There is little doubt that 2007 has been the year of the iPhone, so it comes as no surprise it was a strong candidate for the Cell Phone of the Year award. Many of the software features are either lackluster, such as the calendar and email, or non-existent, such as to-do lists and multimedia messages. Given that the iPhone has one of the best web browsers on any phone. Despite these limitations, the iPhone is an incredible media device that is one of the first to realistically combine a number of functions into one, working well as a phone, iPod, video iPod, and Web browsing device. Combine that with Apple's ability to create buzz around a product, and you've got a device that has made a huge impact on the cell phone market this year, which makes it our Cell Phone of the Year.
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    BlackBerry cell phones used to be the exclusive realm of the well-heeled business user, but that's no longer the case. Cheaper BlackBerries like the Curve have put their high-end e-mail features into the hands of everyday users. The compact design and decent QWERTY keyboard makes for an attractive package, and Research In Motion (RIM) has been aggressively pushing the price down; new users can now get a Curve for $49.99 after rebates through T-Mobile. The Curve also adds some decent media features. It's no iPhone but it can play both videos and music, making it a reasonable all-in-one device. But it's the e-mail features that make the Curve shine. Although many other phones are starting to offer similar features, BlackBerries remain the best and easiest way to get e-mail on the road, and the BlackBerry Curve is a great deal for those who are more about e-mail than music.
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    I love BlackBerry, I've got a Pearl 8100. Just have a look at it:
    BlackBerry Pearl 8100

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    Re: Cell Phone of the year 2007

    The Iphone should win most overhyped phone ever. The UI is awesome, and the looks are elegant, but no phone that lacks 3G, a decent camera, multimedia messaging and ability to natively install 3rd party apps is a loser IMO.

    I like the Blackberry Curve, but of course...my bias vote would go to the Nokia N95-3.

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    Re: Cell Phone of the year 2007

    That's great tips. Thanks so much

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    Re: Cell Phone of the year 2007

    i agree..it might not be the best phone but the most overhyped phone of year 2007. Am relieved on the hype being calmed now!!!

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