I am trying to decide which route to go on choosing a phone. My new every 2 is up toward the end of may so I have a lot of time but I'd like to get my homework done early.

I've been looking at and interested in the voyager since it had come out. I've been reading reviews and checking out posts on it since then too. Last night I went into the local verizon store to play with it and check some things out.....then I ran into the XV6800 and played with it. It was pretty sweet and had some functionality that I could really get used to having on me at all times (excel being the main. I'm in the engineering field and I use excel constantly).

Being that I've never really looked into these smart phones, I don't know much about them or the plans that are required to carry them. Can someone point me to where I could get some info regarding this? What do I need? What will I use? How much does it cost?

About my cell phone use:
-currently own a Chocolate VX8500
-mainly used for texting & mp3 player
-minimal actual call usage

What I'm looking for:
-internet usage
-excel would be a big plus (not necessary tho)
-wifi to connect my laptop to the internet would be nice (not necessary tho)

As of now, if having a data plan for a smart phone is overly expensive, I would probably go with the voyager for my next cell phone. Would like to be persuaded though.

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