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    Many cell phone users refuse to change cell phone providers even though by changing they could save on their monthly bill and gain more features and services. Too many of their family and friends know their cell phone number and they do not want to through the hassle of changing cell phone numbers and having to inform everyone what their new number is. They do not know about the FCC’s Local Number Portability act. They do not realize what it provides for a cell phone user. It gives a cell phone user the ability to change cell phone providers and keep their cell phone number. No longer is cell phone number tied to a cell phone provider.

    There are some restrictions to the local number portability. The local number portability provides that the phone number can be switched between carriers who both provide service in the local area. You can even transfer your land line to a cell phone. However, there are some numbers that cannot be transferred; they are toll free, pager numbers and some other special use phone numbers.

    Depending on the cell phone provider there may be a transfer fee. It is best to check with the new cell provider about any transfer fees before making the switch.

    Making the switch is fairly straight forward. When you transfer your service to a new cell phone provider your old service is automatically disconnected. If your contract has not yet expired, check to see what the early cancellation fees are. On prepaid cell phones, there are no long term contracts or related fees.

    Transferring your land line phone number to your cell phone will disconnect the land line service. By transferring a land line to a cell phone you cannot use your cell phone as an extension of your land line service. However, in the future it might be available. To have a cell phone be an extension of a land line is to use the call forwarding feature of the land line.

    The process to transfer cell phone numbers is fairly straight forward. Each cell phone provider will have their own slight differences. Contact the new cell phone provider first and request to transfer your cell phone number and service to them. The new cell phone provider handles the cell phone number transfer.

    Don’t cancel your service with your current provider before moving your cell phone number to the new provider. Terminating your cell phone service with your old cell phone provider before successfully transferring the number to another provider will result in you loosing your cell phone number. So, follow the instructions of the new cell phone provider in transferring your cell phone service.

    Transferring a cell phone number between local cell phone providers has never been easier. Now with the local number portability act it is as easy as going to the new cell phone provider’s store and filling out an application.

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    Re: Can I keep My Cell Phone Number when I Switch Providers?

    It depends, usually you can, but some companys are stupid. Read their 'terms of service' before.

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    Re: Can I keep My Cell Phone Number when I Switch Providers?

    You can, in Australia aniwei......

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