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    Hey guys, in '09 I'm going to be moving to Spain from the US for at least a year (or more if I decide to call it home). I have Cingular (AT&T now I guess), and my contract is up (not that it matters just yet). I'm wanting a phone that can go between Europe (Spain and UK in particular) and the US. I'd like to keep my US phone number, but it's not 100% necessary if I can't.

    Is there a way to possibly have a phone from either the US or Spain that when I'm in the other country, I can put in a pre-paid SIM card so I don't incur outrageous fees?

    Could I possibly get a certain Vodafone cellphone in Spain and then when in the US, use a pre-paid SIM so I don't have to go through Vodafone (and thus incur outrageous fees)?

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    Re: Best cell phone plan to go between Spain and the US

    You need an unlocked GSM cell phone. it depends on networks you will be using. GSM is the most popular one, so I reccomend it

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