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    I've been with Nextel for many years and found during that time their customer service was lacking in professionalism and accuracy. Now with more and more of their competition coming up with better phones with newer features that blow the "two way" out of the water, it seems Nextels customer service is doing a bit better.

    Had it not been for my entire family, friends and people I work with utilizing Nextels services and mainly for the "two way" feature, I would have dropped them a long time ago. Just based on poor customer service.

    I always was very concerned when I had to call and make a change to the plan I was on. It seemed, without fail, that the customer service would mess it up, every time.

    I'm looking at other providers now, mainly with Sprint to see what type of phones they have to offer.

    Does anyone know if there is another provider out there that offers the "two way" or rather "walky talky" feature?

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    Re: Nextel Customer Service

    Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, and dont know about Tmobile. I tried them all.. and trust me..Nextel is known for the best 2 Way. I know Sprint charges $5 per phone for the 2 way, cingular is like $7 per phone (monthly)I really dont know what the charges are for verizon.

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