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    How can I send email txt messages to someone without knowing their carrier? I know there are sites that allow you to search for the carrier by area code/prefix, but they don't update when someone moves their number to a new carrier, so those won't work for me. I was thinking about using the carrier that pops up in the search as a first try and if the email gets bounced back I know they are not part of that carrier any longer. In that case I would send the email to every other carrier's email addresses and based on which one doesn't get bounced back, I'll know their carrier for the next time. Is there any drawbacks to doing this? Do any hosting companies frown upon an account that gets a lot of bounce backs? Can anyone suggest anything better?

    This is a service I am providing to clients, so I don't want to use a free service like txtdrop or teleflip or a paid for service either.

    The only other option I know of is to get a server with a GSM modem, but I hope to avoid that if possible. Any suggestions?

    (I'm not sending spam, these are all solicited txt messages that users sign up for, but I will be sending a lot of them)

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