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    remote West at 8200 ft.
    Hi all,

    Am about to move to remote location without landline phone service, so I must rely entirely on cellphone service. My carrier is Verizon. I bought, from Radio Shack, a portable antenna and amplifier (Wilson). When I take it to the new location, attach everything according to instructions using a vehicle's cigarette lighter connection, my cell phone (and I've tried this with three different Motorola phones -- an old Timeport P8767, new Razr K1m, and a new W315) -- the phones all show 4-5 bars. But I can't dial out. When I dial, I just get nothing. The phones' screens indicate they're dialing, but I hear nothing, and nothing is received at the other end.

    The Verizon coverage map shows I should get digital service at the location, but it's a bit of a polka-dotted area, with pockets of no service. Still, the phones were showing signal reception. Even without the antenna and amplifier, phones show 1-2 bars.

    I would really appreciate feedback, suggestions, even if it means buying a different phone, a Yagi antenna on the roof, or what.

    I will be living alone out there, so I need phone service! I will have satellite internet service, but from everything I've read, voip isn't a viable option.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Remote location, need help

    I'm not sure I can help but I sure do feel for you.
    I get into some really remote areas and have to use my phone for voice as well as a cell card for emailing reports.
    I have seen the Wilson stuff but never have used it. I have bought my amplifiers from cellantena.com and the brand name on it says Cellphone-Mate, which probably means nothing except re-branding.
    There has been times when I would have 1or2 bars and still no service. As I see it, the bars indicate that a tower and the phone have shook hands but there still may not be enough signal strength for anything other than the carrier wave, an old fashioned term but descriptive.
    As far as a yagi is concerned, the antennas I use are only about 4" long. Some I set on the window sill, others I put on the roof of the field office. I have never used a yagi. If I was able to get 1/2 a bar w/o an antenna and booster then once hooked up, I could call.

    More discourgement! I have had absolutly no help from anyone at any phone company service center. Quite the contrary. When I would tell them what I was doing they sometimes went and got others so they could hear me. They know how to set up a service contract and use their phones in town but that is about all.

    I am not familar with the phone models you mentioned or with Verison's service but I once had a digital only Nokia in an analog only area, there are still a few in deep E. Texas. I was unable to use my phone.

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