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    Mobile phone usage is becoming increasingly painstaking. Wonder what the cell phone manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and others concentrate on. If bringing a new model every month is the only concern then they are leaving the users in the dark.

    Some of the problem we are facing as users are as follows

    1. Batteries almost always have lower life than guaranteed. If you are going to blame it on me saying lack of awareness of usage, than I will say come up with better solutions. Batteries and battery chargers are a problem. If a battery goes down completely, you cannot afford an authentic new battery as it cost as much as a new cell phone. The same is the case with a charger.
    2. For heavens sake can you device ways of getting rid of the problem of having to remember that I have to keep charging this phone. Can you make them more intelligent so that they can tell me when they are completely charged? Can you get them to disconnect from the charger when the piece is completely charged.
    3. Too many devices in a single phone never work properly. You donít have to pack the whole world into my phone. I donít want it. Something or the other is always getting stuck if you do this. If nothing, the batter goes down faster when I use these and again I have to charge it.
    4. I cannot figure out the Office mode idea in a mobile. If you expect me to remember to switch between the normal mode and office mode after eight hours today and then tomorrow and then for the rest of my life every day then donít you think I have better things to do than this. May I just have this automated please; it has bugged me for quite a while now.
    5. Why are you making the phone so small that I cant even trust it in my pocket. How do you expect me to hold it in one hand and then also type an sms. Where are the keys to type? Why are you giving me a stick to type, you mean I should use both my hands every time I use this mobile phone?
    6. And then Help, Help, Help, why canít you provide some help in the mobile phone itself. Do you expect me to go home and read my manual if I get stuck when using the phone in office?
    7. Why donít you run an automatic, service-provider-independent toll-free contact number on this mobile to the manufacturer customer care? I want to call you and give you some feedback on improving my phone.
    8. My dear manufacturer, please do not make the phone so rigid that I buy it once and then I deal with what I get for life। Make it more flexible, give me a chance to upgrade the functions in my phone without having to buy a new piece. Not everyone has the money to buy a new version of your phone every time you release one. Otherwise, take my phone back and give me a new one for a few bucks more with every release, no questions asked from me about what condition my phone is in.

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    aahhmm.. mmm. yes to whatever he said ^

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