Emoze just launched its new Enterprise Edition at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which offers business users a secure, efficient and low cost push email, calendar and contact information, all in real-time.

It offers faster, cheaper and more secure mobile push-email to businesses and their staff. Business users can now access their emails, contact information, calendars and notes from almost any mobile device with a complimentary data package, with the free download of the Enterprise Edition software from emoze. Get emoze Enterprise Edition now enterprise dot emoze dot com.

The Enterprise Edition is great for any employee who is always on the go. It allows business users the freedom of movement and communication, without their company needing to purchase special handsets or extra, expensive services. All Emails and other data are received securely on the users' mobile handsets in real time, improving productivity - anytime, anywhere.

Emoze also provides the most secure form of messaging for its users. Emails are pushed, real-time, without the need for any duplication or storage outside of the existing email server.

By adding a dedicated Enterprise Edition server, it enables organizations to manage their information flow and to have control over data transfers based on IT policies.

Its definitely worth checking out! enterprise dot emoze do com

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