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    Does a cell phone emit radiation when it is on, even though the line is not in use and not talking to anybody?
    Or is there only radiation when making/receiving a call?

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    Re: radiation question

    I believe that the cell phone has radiation all the time.

    The Strongest point is when you are making a call, it can cook your brain if you are on your cell phone for too long.

    Then when you are playing games/making texts or something for too long that puts radiation to your face like looking too close to your computer monitor for too long.

    The radiation that is dispensed while it is in your pocket is really small, not really any to hurt you. Pretty much slim radiation to none, so no worries there, your legs wont get cooked.
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    Re: radiation question

    It is a proven fact that if you are using anything within limits,it won't have any kind of harmful effect.Same is with mobile phones.

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