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    Hello I'm actually wanting a Softbank Sharp 922sh which should be coming out in Japan soon, but I'm using the 920sh, which has already been unlocked and used by people for some time now, as a model to compare what my capabilities with this phone will be. But right now I'm really confused in that regard.

    I'd be using it with AT&T, and I've heard that with the HyperSim unlock card you can use the 920sh to make and receive calls and SMS text messaging. But is the HyperSim even the best unlock card to use for this? And I heard from a seller that the camera and media player didn't work unlocked from this card. Which i don't really understand because aren't the camera and media player local components that shouldn't have anything to do with the sim card? And i'm wondering if it'd at all be possible to set up picture messaging with this phone by setting up the right settings from my wireless provider.

    Not sure if anyone here would be familiar this but if anyone can at least answer a little bit of my questions, or at least make educated guesses based on general knowledge of the subject or direct me where i can find help on this, I'd really appreciate it because I'm really confused with what all I'd be able to do with this phone if I unlocked it for use with AT&T. Thanks.

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    Re: Available functions of a new unlocked Softbank Sharp phone (e.g. 920sh)


    Hi, i am gonna get the 920sh from here

    Do u know if it would locked again somehow? Can you share some of your experience about 920sh?

    Most of the Jap phone (Sharp) needs hypersim except the 920SH
    ....and only 407 with the darkblue one~

    very nice phone, just concerning about the compatibility with the networks..
    do u have any other suggestion before i get this?

    I used to have a 707scii and using a E71 at the moment..

    thanks a lot for the help in advance~

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    Re: Available functions of a new unlocked Softbank Sharp phone (e.g. 920sh)

    hyper sim shouldnt have anythign to do with the camera or media player.
    but u do have to go get the text messaging unlocked to send msgs

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