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    Hi Folks,

    I am a total newbie here and really know nothing about mobile phones, nor do I care, so long as I am able to make a call!

    My question is this:

    I live in the UK and my girlfriend is in America. Calling each other is a costly business and I was wondering if we each had the VOIP application Skype on our phones if it would be feasible to talk for free?

    I looked initially at:


    ...and while this phone is available in the UK, it isn't in America. I spoke to one of their customer support people and they said I could still use the Skype facility to call my girlfriend's laptop, provided she has it installed. If this is true, then having just discovered this:


    ...would it be possible for me to get the Skypephone from 3 and her to get the Linksys WIP320 and for us to get free calls then? I'm aware they are not 'free' free, as in that we'd either have a monthly contract still or forced to top up a certain amount of cash on a monthly basis if we opted for the Pay As You Go choice, but otherwise, is it possible or are they incompatible somehow?

    Any input would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Ian K

    Sorry for all the [dot] business, but when I just used an actual dot, I was told that to prevent spam, I wouldn't be able to include links until I'd notched up 10 posts. I'm sorry, but I don't intend hanging around here as long! lol I couldn't care less about the companies and am definitely not advertising. Hell, I'm a cheapskate and am only interested if it really is possible to talk for free or not. Thanks again.

    Oops! I am such an idiot. Sorry for submitting the same post twice. I noticed in my first one that I'd made a totally horrendous typo and *****ed 'cell' with only one L!!!! If the moderators wish to delete the first post, please go for it. Sorry for being such a pain in the ass!

    See More: Question About Skype On Cell Phones
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