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    Hello Forum Members,

    I have a very impulsive personality and I came across some impulse items that I want to impractically waste my money on.

    A cell phone watch...

    Can anyone tell me the draw backs or troubles i might run into if I try using these on the AT&T network?

    Well tickle me pink but I cannot post links yet. So the best thing i can do is tell you how to navigate and find them (for anyone willing to help).
    There is a watch at chinavision(dot)com that is on the right side of the website that says "Super cool Mobile phone watch."

    The second is the "Van Der Led MW2 Watch Phone" (google search brings up the description).

    I know I must seem like a little kid wanting toys but my $300 smart phone seems to be crapping out after a year of use and I would like to try something extremely uncharacteristic.

    Any advice/comments would be appreciated

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    Re: Cell phone watches question

    Well, I dont think the networks gonna give you hell for it but the watch itself might be a pain to use.

    Its small, hard to read and unneccesary.
    Any phone has a clock in it, just press a button and its show the time, or set the time ons tandby so you just look at your phone andt he time shows.

    If you're really wanting to use that money, then I guess I'll shut up.
    If its something you truly want, theres no such thing as wasting money

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