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    Mark Wilbur
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    I am cross posting this in two locations...

    My name is Mark Wilbur and I am in charge of Communications for a Boy Scout Service project to be held in the Mark Twain National Forest this summer from June 7 - 14, 2008.

    This site, along with four other National forests located across the United States, will account for the largest, most complex, most challenging conservation project ever in the history of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America.

    The possible 1,000 participants mentioned above at the Mark Twain National Forest, will be working within the Hercules Glades Wilderness (located south of Ava, Missouri),

    We will be in charge of the safety of up to 1,000 Boy Scouts and their leaders that week. The majority of the project involves the use of a very large number of Chain Saws, so safety is a paramount concern!

    Due to the terrain we have virtually no cell phone coverage in the valley of the base camp and much of the work area.

    Verizon Wireless AND US Cell had originally offered to meet our needs by bringing in a complete COW (Cell on Wheels) however Verizon ran into too long of a backhaul. US Cellular came on board and designed a complete design. I met with them for an on site site survey. It was a "done deal" as far as the local team was concerned! But US Cellular corporate made them back out due to "Boy Scout Discrimination" against a certain group of sexually orientated people .

    Alltel is the only other provider in the area and they have not responded to my requests.

    Therefore, I've been asked to see what the possibility may be of locating a temporary BDA or Cell Repeater near our base camp.

    Information on the combined projects at all five sites (called ArrowCorps5) can be found by using Google and search for "Arrow Corps 5" .

    We would be looking for coverage from approximately June 3 - June 14th.

    I appreciate your time, insight and consideration for your potential tax deductible donation!
    I will be glad to provide any additional information that I can in this regard.

    I will be checking this forum for the next couple of weeks.
    Please message me with any questions.

    Mark Wilbur
    Arrow Corps 5 - Mark Twain
    Logistics - Services: Communications Leader

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    Mark Wilbur
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    Re: Needing improved Cell Phone Coverage for Missouri Boy Scout Project (BDA or Reate

    It has come to my attention that I was not very clear about only needing to BORROW a BDA or Cell Repeater.

    We will only be needing the equipment for the first two weeks in June.

    Time is running out for us and with US Cellular suddenly backing out of what we thought was a done deal, we really need some suggestions!

    Mark Wilbur

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