I have a Alltel KZRZ K1M and would like to use DataPilot Version 5.4.3 to sync my calendar and contacts with Outlook. I can do it fine with a data cable but I can not get DataPilot to work with Bluetooth. DataPilot never sees the Bluetooth. I get an error message the second I try having DataPilot find the phone (using the manual setup, automatic setup never allow the "next" button to be active). I tell DataPilot the exact model and then press okay and then the message "A compatable Bluetooth driver/stack could not be found on your computer. I am using a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a Toshiba Stack for Windows version 4.00.11(D).

The bluetooth works fine for my PDA and it also works with the Motorola tools software.

I would appreciate any advice you might have. If you are going to tell me that DataPilot will not work with my present Bluetooth driver, please let me know if I can upgrade or is there some other software I can use with Bluetooth (other than Motorola Phone Tools which does not handle reoccuring appointments well).

Thanks in advance

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