Hi all,
Just bought a watch mobile phone off of ebay, but it's also available from onvon China Electronics Wholesale - buy direct from China - Discount Electronics[/url]
I bought this on a whim (~$150) as I wanted something to record voice memos while working out or hiking. It is actually quite capable phone with FM radio, music, and voice recorder (and FM recording). Thickness is about 15mm and it feels pretty heavy. Doesn't look have bad. I chose to get a steel model with the idea that I might want to be wear this around town sometime, but don't think this will ever happen so wish I had gotten a lighter plastic case model for sports (again, onvon offers many models which you can find branded by American companies for about 4X onvon price).

I find the idea of an watch mobile phone really interesting. I plan to keep tabs on this technology and if someone comes out with a stereo bluetooth model, with LCD readout and chronograph and voice recorder and built-in speaker, I think that'd be the ideal incarnation of an mp3 watch, and I think a better setup for music while working out compared with the timex icontrol set-up.

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