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Hello there, greetings to all on this forum. /wave

I have a request to make upon the knowledge of those that frequent this forum. I would like to find phone that will meet my needs as best as possible, hence I have come here to consult with you guys and gals.

Firstly, I do know some things about cellphones, I remember having one back in the early 90's with the 19 character LED screen and the like, up till my recent Cingular HTC 8125 WM5 smartphone.

The only thing that I can find that will do some of this is the iphone, but I wanted to ask you guys and gals first to see if you had any other suggestions.

The phone that I am searching for will have this:


  • I need this phone to do this complicated function (that I have heard some phones can do)

- Be able to play music and automatically go to a call when it comes in, go to the call, then when the call is done automatically switch back to the music.

  • Be able to control the music from the bluetooth headset, skip songs and volume control required.

  • Be able to answer the call (like on BT headsets today) from the stereo headset. a.k.a. I must press the button to answer the call.

  • stereo bluetooth headset capability

  • Decent music quality over BT


  • carrier: Cingular

  • decent email fetching software, I know that my HTC 8125 could do a very good job at this. Preferably decent IMAP functionality.

  • 3G functionality


  • Office mobile, ability to write .doc's and read various formats, pdf and etc.

  • web browser that can handle flash and javascript.

Thanks to anyone that is able to help me here.

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