hey guys, just found the site and you've already been helpful about several of my questions
so i'll tell you my situation: i have had an oooold model TracFone for many years now, and the buttons are wearing out (i don't even use it all that much), so i'm looking into getting a new one. been searching using google, and it seems TracFone doesn't have any Fones using mp3 ringtones, or at least not where you can upload your own custom ones for free (please correct me if i'm wrong). so i want a cell that i CAN add my own mp3's as ringtones, and possibly even play mp3's (read: more than 5MB storage space, or at least have a slot for memory chip). it doesn't NEED to have camera or texting, or anything, but i'd like the ability to set a ringtone for each different contact, and if at all possible be pay as you go (since i don't talk that much [ in my opinion ;P ]). other features don't matter much one way or the other to me, i'm just BIG on music, so, you know

anyone can help me out, i'd be happy to help you in some way. i'm pretty good with everything computer related (especially media: audio/video, etc.), and can help people with darn near every problem they have.
thanx in advance,

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