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    Name's Jake,
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    Right now i have a Sony Ericsson W810i. Ive had it for 2 years and in my opinion it is a great phone. The W810i is a great versatile phone, it takes all mp3's with ease, texting is great (i have big fingers it has wide spread buttons). Games applications are easy to find, the sound quality is great and its fast. Oh and soo durable.

    I would like a phone that has all that plus. Im interested in one that has Wifi capabilities and even better media capabilities. Camera is not a big deal to me just that the phone can waste my time. Cost is not a big deal. I would appreciate any input anyone could give me, a new user.

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    Re: I need help finding a new phone. Please.

    Well, the N95's are pretty good, then theres the iPhone in around the same price range.
    IPhone has pretty decent Wifi and so does N95, but if you're in a nightclub and you whoop out a N95, sure you'll be the cool one... until the guy withthe iPhone whoops his out.

    So it really depends on your personal preference.
    The N95 has better features, but looks huge and dumb.
    The iPhone looks pretty sexy to women So that could turn out well tehe.

    Hope this helps!

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