Hello there.

I've never been big on mobile phones (judging by my current piece, a stone-age-old Motorola V180, you will believe me that this is true) so i don't really know much about what's going on with the technology right now.

However, since my old phossil is breaking down, and i could use a real good device for work, i'm asking for your advice.

Things i really require:
  • Good organizer stuff. So, strong calendaring and task stuff.
  • Touchscreen & Pen
  • Gotta be possible to install additional software onto it, such as Opera Mini and PuTTy.
  • W-LAN capability

Things i do not require, but would be good:
  • I would prefer a non-Windows OS.
  • A QWERTY keyboard would be cool, although that's not THAT important in the end.
  • Would be nice to use it as an MP3 player as well.

Can't give you a price range; I live in Switzerland and i'm not sure how to compare the prices with the current dollar situation and all.

A friend of mine recommended me the HTC Touch. Looking at it, it doesn't look bad (except the Windows OS) - Still, i need more opinions.

I might add some more criteria later on.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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