I'm new here - can anyone help me?
For the last month a pest caller has been calling my mobile constantly from a card-charged cellphone and hanging up. A few times she has spoken to me so I all I know is that she's a she.
She got my mobile number by intercepting a call I made to a guy I met and she's also been calling and bothering this guy in the same way for a long time. She sends both of us strange text messages too. He has placed a complaint to the police but they have not taken much action.
She has looked in to my SMS messages I have sent to this guy and quoted them to me.
She is not interested in my calls/texts to other people.
I'll keep it short and not go into detail on what she says and writes. Can someone tell me how she managed to cut into our calls and get my number?
How can she see my SMS messages?
And can I get her tracked accurately by GPS tracking accoding to this cellphone number she calls from ?
I appreciate ANY help at all. Thanks in advance!

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