Hi there! Awhile ago, my family bought a Nokia 2115i (Shorty) phone with Virgin mobile Minute2Minute service. None of us are very cell-phone oriented. We have a hard time remembering where it is, and so it came to pass that we ran it though the washing machine.
I tried to save it with your helpful "wet cell phone" thread, but I think it's fried. Poor little thing.
Now here is where I could use some advice from you all: There is still $25 of airtime left on its account. I need to buy a low-cost cell phone that I can use with that account. According to Virgin's site, any Virgin phone can be used with any Virgin account. Is this true, to the best of your knowledge? (It just seems so simple that it makes me suspicious.)
If it really works that way, then I can buy an Oystr with free airtime for $10.

What I want is the phone, of course. I'm not sure what I'd do with the airtime. Nothing, I guess. *scratches head*
Anyway, all I want is a cheap, stone-age-simple phone that I can use to replace my busted Nokia. Or, you know--talk me into something fancier, if you feel like being persuasive!
Any advice would be appreciated. I know *nothing* about this stuff. Thanks in advance for your time and trouble!

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