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    Apple iPhone 4
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    I recently had my phone stolen. (lame grad ceremony rules and a jerk security guard)

    So I'm in the market for a new one. I'm looking for something thats really reliable and doesnt have that feeling like I could twist the screen off its hinges on clamshell type models. Does that make sense? I also dont want it to be a really old design though. Any ideas?

    A friend of mine which I saw yesterday (and wont again for a long time) had a phone that I thought was really neat. It was a slider, but the actual screen size was no larger than 3/4 of an inch high, by 2 inches wide. Anyone know what it is?
    EDIT: and it slid down, not around like the Samsung X830.

    AT&T is my provider, but I'm going to be buying an unlocked phone off ebay, which means that I can get any phone and it will work, right

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    cast iron wood stove

    See More: Most Durable/What is this Phone?
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