Hi. I am new to the whole PDA cell phone scene, so I had a few questions regarding GPS softwares and whatnot. I plan on purchasing an AT&T Tilt soon and would like to take full advantage of its GPS capabilities. So my question is, if I were to purchase a software such as TomTom6, which version would I need to purchase and how would I install that onto my phone? I know, this is a very amateur question, but I honestly have no idea. I'm looking for a GPS software that I can use while i am in the car, so it would be preferred that it gave audible instructions.
Lastly, I would like to avoid AT&T's Telenav at all costs, for I do not like the idea of a monthly payment. Are there any affordable, yet effective GPS softwares? Maybe even some great free ones?

Thanks for all of your help guys.

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