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    I'm new here. I have a really unusual scenario. Its not a pretty one.
    Today I plan to switch to all cellphones and remove the home business phone. Thats simple. (Suncom 2X unlimited for $99) Keep reading.
    The neighborhood crack dealer has been sending his rejects to my cellphone. They call once or twice a month, and this is a several year long problem. I can't just change my number, because my number is in phonebooks all over the county and surrounding counties. I've spent LOTS of money to keep my number the same, and some brainless crack dealer isn't going to change that. BUT I want it to stop. I have kept logs for many years, and The police know who he is, but nothing can be done. Since all the numbers are different people, the cellphone company (currently AT&T, but soon to be SunCom) won't do anything either.
    I am hoping SOMEONE... ANYONE can tell me where or how I can set up (program) the phone to AUTOMATICALLY shut the ringer off, and forward all calls to the inbox between midnight and 5 AM. I don't care if it shuts off completely, forwards, or whatever. As long as I get my sleep. Many people say "just turn it off". NOT that simple. I have an emergency service business (emergency from 5AM - midnight). If I get a call at 5:00 AM and the house is flooding, i need to take that call. BUT if they call before 5:00 AM chances are, they don't have a leak. Its usually crackheads. The crackheads call in the morning hours of 2-4AM. Its not just crackheads either, its also prank calls. I've been told if you have a business of any size and have numbers published as heavily as mine you just have to expect that. With todays' cellphones that do everything but wipe your butt, I don't see why this isn't a feature. I'm sure there is a way to have this done automatically. When I have nothing booked for the next day I sleep late. I'm not a morning person. I hate to have to get up and cut on 2 phones every morning. Is there any other way???
    ANY other ideas?

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    Re: Very VERY complicated question for EXPERTS

    omg - that's terrible! hah

    What kind of phone do you have? If it's the same people that are calling you can set that number not to ring. I don't know of anything that will automatically not ring between a certain time though. Remember to shut the ringer off?

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    Re: Very VERY complicated question for EXPERTS

    Incidentally, I *COULD* just get my 9 and start eliminating the callers one at a time.... But that would probably get me arrested sooner or later.

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