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    hey guys

    I need a new phone! I've been using my trustworthy but really old nokia candybar phone for years and years now. I think I've dropped it one too many times so it's finally dead now x_x

    The phone world has changed so much the past few years with feature-phones, smart-phones or what have you of these 'convergence' phones becoming supposedly more commonplace. Phones aren't just used for voice but for music, videos, pics, calendaring etc.

    I know there's hardcore enthusiasts in just about anything. But I've gotta say I don't see all that many peeps breaking out their phone for anything but to make/take a call.

    Sounds good and all. I'm tempted to get a nice rounded feature-filled phone. I've been carrying around my old cell + PDA and sometimes separate mp3 player and would love to have functionality all combined and not leave a huge buldge in my pockets...

    But I'm personally skeptical that the convergence all the ads boast really is all it's cracked up to be.

    How do you guys find it? Do you use the camera, video, music, pda functionality much? Enough to replace using an mp3 player in practicality? Enough to get you watching videos on ur cell while waiting? Enough that you find yourself snapping more candid pics more frequently? Or is it just some fancy feature you show-off to your buddies when you first bought it and rarely touch again?

    Wondering if I should shell out a few hundred bucks for a good phone or just go with a virtual freebie and stick with my other dedicated devices.

    Please don't just tell me to get a cheap one or a high-end one x_x really -- what's your personal experience?

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    Re: Are feature-phones -actually- practical??

    Definitely so. I've had a TyTN, a Sony Ericsson k850i and a Samsung SGH-i450. I rarely use them for videos cuz the screens are unsatisfyingly small and it's a pain to convert and transfer videos. But I do use them for music very frequently. Even to blast the music on the speakers instead of on my earphones. I also take a lot of little pics. Although they're not supernice, it is very convenient and nice to capture random things that come up.

    There's 2 things I hate and they're both about speed cuz I'm all about that =p :
    1) the slowness of processors/OS's can't keep pace with how fast I move through menus
    2) the excruciating slowness of USB transfers. I just want to upload/download my music or photos conveniently but it's a pain to have to wait so long for a simple operation. Makes me tend to put it off altogether.

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    Re: Are feature-phones -actually- practical??

    I was using a simple phone till now... however I jut got a nokia n73 .. feature phones are addictive

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