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Poll: My experience transferring files to/from my phone/memory card is:

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    Hi everyone

    **ugh can't correct poll. Take options to be "good", "don't care", "bad".**

    I'm doing a study trying to understand the usage model of featurephone/smartphone users. I'm also trying to understand the speed requirements implied by the current and desired usage models. If you could answer some of the questions below it would really help!

    1) How often do you transfer files to/from your phone/memory card on average? (eg 1/day, 1/week, 3/month etc)

    2) What size transfers do you mostly make?
    a) very varied
    b) <10MB
    c) 10 - 100MB
    d) 100 - 600MB
    e) 600MB - 1GB
    f) >1GB

    3) How do you usually make the transfer?
    a) USB cable
    b) memory card reader
    c) bluetooth
    d) other: specify

    4) Do you find an aversion to delay transferring files because of the hassle? If so, what do you find a hassle? (eg pop out battery to reach memory card, get memory card reader, setup bluetooth, etc)

    5) Do you find an aversion to and delay transferring files because of the amount of time involved? If so, for what length transfer do you find the breakpoint to delaying? (example scenario: would want to upload a couple photos asap but delay until more photos have amassed)

    See More: Detailed Usage Models
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