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    My 2 year contract with AT&T is about to expire and I'm going to do another 2 years with them. I looked at the choice of new phones I can get and the deals that come with them (I have a third party Sponsorship with the company I work with). Anyways, I kind of wanted to get a Razr, I've always wanted one or a phone that looks like it. Thin, sleek, and reliable. It said with my plan I can get a

    MOTORAZR V3xx Platinum for 79.99 after rebate.

    To be frank, I only use the cell phone for calling and thats about it. I don't use the picture/video/internet features at all. I know the RAZR has a lot of multimedia functions so I was thinking of other phones that are similar.

    The other ones I was looking at that I think kind of look like the RAZR were

    LG CU515 19.99 after rebate

    Samsung SLM Blue 49.99 after rebate

    If they're all really the same then I don't mind purchasing the RAZR, I just don't want to waste my money buying a phone that takes nice pictures or videos but is lousy at calling people...

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    Re: Getting new phone, need help deciding

    I would go with the V3xx over the CU515 and the SLM.

    From the limited exposure I have had with these phones, seems like the reception is not up to par on the CU515 and some SLMs have had quality problems.

    Hope this helps.

    Welcome to CPF.

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    Re: Getting new phone, need help deciding


    I don't mind spending the extra bucks to get the V3xx, I mean they said they spent quite a while perfecting this model and it looks like theres a lot of nifty updated features. lol, I'm in such a bind here. I want a cool looking phone like the RAZR yet I really have no use for it besides calling.

    I was looking around and reading reviews and people are saying the RAZR is too thin and it basically will break very easily. Whereas the LG cu515 is a sturdier and better brand?
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