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    there's a phone on ebay that i want to get and it says the phone is locked to Rogers, which is a Canadian GSM provider. I'm currently a rogers customer, but i have a pre-paid account. I was wondering if i purchase the phone, will i be able to use it? the seller says the phone is new and never been activated. i just want to know if i will be able to use the phone before i bid. thanks

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    Re: locked phone to a cellphone provider

    yes, my friends actually did this in reverse. He bought a at&t prepaid so he could get a phone for cheap and then he was able to get a regular nonprepaid sim and he just put it in his cheap phone.

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    Re: locked phone to a cellphone provider

    the phone would most likely need to be unlocked first...

    if it has the rogers symbal on it then it wont work. should be someone who you can pay 20$ to get it unlocked, or if you know how unlock it yourself.

    there is a thread i noticed 15min ago about unlocking nokias for free....WOW!! lol

    edit: My mistake. Tried to delete post, no option though

    Once I saw Canadian GSM Provider, I assumed OP was in states... Im reading too fast, excited about this forum lol

    Then yes, you'll be set OP
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    Re: locked phone to a cellphone provider

    cellplanman, the OP is a Rogers prepay customer, if the phone is locked to Rogers they will still be able to use it as Ellen already mentioned. No need to unlock it.
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