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    Below listed are a few tips to make this process a safe and simple experience.

    • Shop early – With the easy selection process online, sales in peek season is high and there runs a risk of the product running out. Therefore it is better if you place your order well in advance in such seasons.
    • There are some stores that provide free shipping on a purchase over a specified amount. Therefore keep track of such splendid offers if available and make the most of it.
    • Look out for bargain offers online. A slight in depth search is sure to find you mind-boggling offers.
    • Make sure you never disclose off you password to anyone else.
    • It is safe to shop with the company that has disclosed its telephone number and contact address. A postcard number alone is not satisfactory enough as it would be difficult to track down the company in case of any fraudulent activity.
    • A print copy of the purchase order and the confirmation number should be taken for the records.
    • Prior arrangements should be made with the company if the goods you purchased would arrive only after thirty days of placing the order.
    • Your social security number, mother’s maiden name, your email id and other such personal information should not be disclosed off to the company unless you receive proper, satisfactory explanations from the company.
    • Be clear with the security procedure and the privacy policy of the company. In case you don’t find them in the site ask the company to mail them to you promptly.
    • It is always safe to pay through your credit card or other charge cards instead of cash or cheque.
    • Well-known companies are the safest place to shop.

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    Re: Tips for safe Online Shopping

    Great tips for novice shoppers in online shops. I would also add that it is great if there is a possibility of virtual fitting. You can't try on the size, but you can see how the print will look on you. You know, it's like psd underwear. When you choose bright prints, you want to see how it will fit on your figure.

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    Re: Tips for safe Online Shopping

    Thanks for sharing

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    Re: Tips for safe Online Shopping

    While qwintry shiping specializes in international package forwarding, it may not be the best choice for shipping a large item like a lawnmower within the United States. To ensure reliable shipping, consider researching reputable freight shipping companies that specialize in transporting heavy or oversized items. They have the expertise and equipment to handle such shipments and can provide you with competitive rates. Additionally, exploring online shipping platforms can help you find reliable service providers that cater to your specific needs.
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    Re: Tips for safe Online Shopping

    everyone tries to make safe online purchases

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    Re: Tips for safe Online Shopping

    Quote Originally Posted by lianot View Post
    everyone tries to make safe online purchases

    to make the safest purchases, you need to look for reliable suppliers. By the way, I recently found out that GotApparel is currently running custom t-shirts for sale and I bought a few pieces of excellent quality t-shirts

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